Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Are Quilling Kits?

You may see quilling kits on the market and wonder if that is the right option for you. In case you are not familiar with quilling kits, they typically include the tool, the paper you need to make a few specific designs and a few patterns within one category all in one place. I typically do not recommend that you use a quilling kit for a few reasons.

First, the paper is typically cheap and that makes the glue difficult to adhere to it properly. You are sure to go crazy trying to quill with cheap paper and it will probably frustrate you immensely and drive you away from quilling.

Second, unless you are an advanced quiller, it will be difficult for you to follow the patterns without first knowing the basic steps needed to create the shapes for the complete design.

Instead, if you are looking to start quilling and want to learn how to do the art of paper quilling, I’d love for you to check out my course that is made for beginner quillers. You’ll learn all the basic steps to creating amazing quilling work plus learn how to make all kinds of great patterns with ease. You’d have to buy dozens of quilling kits to get the same amount of patterns you’ll learn how to make with my course, “Secrets to Quilling Success”. Beyond that you are going to get all my special tips which will really help you out. Check it out at

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