Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Craft I Love: Learn How to Make Holiday Decorative Bows

Here’s a list of great ways to use the many decorative bows you can make with all kinds of seasonal ribbon available at craft stores. Remember, you can make the same decorative bows they sell in craft stores for $7 to $70 with just a few dollars of ribbon. There are a bunch of great ways to use the bows you have made. Here are eight of my favorites:

1 – Use a decorative bow around the base of a pillar candle. (Be sure that candle flame doesn’t get close to ribbon as it burns down!)

2 – Use a decorative bow to add some fun to a gift basket.

3 – Use a decorative bow to give a car or bike as a gift. You can make really large bows that will work well for this.

4 – Use a decorative bow to dress up a wreath or tree for Christmas or other holidays.

5 – Use a decorative bow on a wrapped present, gift tin, or gift bag.

6 – Use a decorative bow in a centerpiece display for your table. Use ribbon that will coordinate with the season, meal being served, or even your fine china.

7 – Use a decorative bow to decorate a table for a craft fair, flea market, or yard sale.

8 – Use a decorative bow to create a beautiful fireplace display. Add pieces of greenery or other items to complete your display.

As you can see, there are many fun ways you can use decorative bows once you learn how to make bows. Be creative! I’m sure you can think of even more ways to use your home-made decorative bows once you see all the wonderful ribbon available at the craft store. Also take a look at the pre-made bows they sell in the store to get a lot of ideas on decorative bows you can make and also ways that you can use them around your house and for the holidays. Save a lot of money by creating at home your own decorative bows!

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