Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is Paper Quilling a Craft that Children Can Do Too?

Yes, children will definitely love quilling as a fun paper craft to do with all kinds of colored paper strips! You can show kids how to roll the paper into different shapes and then give them a chance to create something unique on their own. You may want to give them paper that is a little bit wider so they can handle it more easily. Making coils and scrolls are simple enough for most children to do and then you can give them some guidance as they glue them together into a design or you can allow them to create whatever they desire! If your child is having trouble rolling the coils, then help them out with that and allow them to do the gluing.

Kids especially love to try to make their favorite animals and cartoon characters with quilling. Older children can look at photos or drawings of the items they would like to quill and can get design ideas that way. You could even draw a basic design on paper and have them fill in the design with different quilled shapes similar to a puzzle! Allow your child to have fun twirling the paper and gluing their coils and scrolls down however they like.

Quilling is a great craft for kids since it requires very few supplies and is inexpensive so you can allow them to use as much paper as you’d like! Children will enjoy giving their quilling works of art as gifts or using them to decorate pieces of paper or cards for others.

Since I'm writing this post in December I will say that the Christmas holiday is an especially great time to have your children helped with quilling paper since they are sure to have fun making santas, wreaths, trees, and other holiday decorations. They can even add beads, glitter, sequins, ribbon, or other embellishments like buttons to jazz up their paper quilling creation. Have your child draw a tree on a piece of paper and then use quilling designs to decorate the tree! Doesn't that sound like a fun paper craft idea that everyone can enjoy doing? You can even give this as a gift if you want to frame it or add their design to a holiday gift card.

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