Friday, December 11, 2009

How Did I Discover the Art of Paper Quilling?

In this blog post I'd like to answer the question posed to me my husband who wondered "how did I discover paper quilling?" One day suddenly there were boxes of quilling tools and quilling paper in various colors and designs showing up on our doorstep and I've been talking about quilling non-stop. So how did I discover the art of paper filigree? I have no idea! :) I was looking online for some new craft projects (I keep craft stores in business with the amount of supplies I purchase every month!) and I stumbled upon quilling. And I'm GLAD I did!

Paper filigree (quiling) is one of the coolest paper crafts I've ever seen! And believe it or not, its one of the easiest! I'd never tackle origami, but quilling is something that can be easy to learn how to do if you have the proper instructions. And paper quilling looks AMAZING; it seems that I put so much more work into than I actually did. And its a relaxing craft that I simply enjoy.

I hope you will discover a new craft that can really help jazz up and complement what you are currently doing. Check it out at

Enjoy your paper filigree crafts!

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