Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quilling for Scrapbooking

One of the greatest uses for quilling lately has become adding quilled paper designs to scrapbooks because it is a unique and beautiful paper craft that can add dimension and uniqueness to your books. You can make all kinds of designs with paper rolling; really anything you think of can be coiled into a paper design. You just need to use your imagination and you can make a quilled paper craft for each page of your scrapbook, even if it is simply a flower border around your photos.

Paper filigree is such a great addition to scrapbooking because you are already using a variety of paper and creating a unique craft for someone (or yourself!). So quilling is really just an extension of your paper craft work that can add a great dimension to each of your pages.

Don’t forget that you can also quill paper letters and numbers to add to your scrapbook which certainly come in handy for many pages. You don’t need to just make flowers or other items, you can write small phrases or add numbers to your scrapbooking pages.

Add quilled toy, car, and truck designs to your little boy’s scrapbook. How about balloons and gifts for a birthday or other special celebration book? Or even baby toys, teddy bears, and toy blocks for a baby scrapbook! The possibilities for using quilling in scrapbooking are really endless, especially when you consider all the really neat rolled paper crafts you can learn how to make with ease, but that look much more time consuming and detailed.

Learning how to quill paper is a fantastic addition to your scrapbooking pages because it will add a unique dimension and decoration to each of your scrapbooks inexpensively.

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